Premiére “Children of the Wind”


Tuesday June 26th we were invited as Jibecity Crew to the premiére of the new Windsurfing documentary “Children of the Wind”, held at the Divi Resort Bonaire. Around 7.30 pm we met everyone at the parking lot, nicely dressed up for the big night. All the children of the wind as Kiri Thode, Cheppie Gustowski, Choko Frans and Amado Vrieswijk were present!

Between 7.30 and 8pm the documentary got introduced by the 3 most important people; Elvis (Windsurfplace Bonaire) and the two directors. At exactly 8pm the movie started.

I experienced the movie as the best windsurf film/documentary i’ve ever seen in my life. The directors succeeded in telling an emotional, informative and touching story about the emergence of Windsurfing on Bonaire, the kids with their dreams to become Windsurfing World Champion, combined with the newest action from stars as Kiri Thode, Taty and Tonky Frans. Congratulations!

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Watch: Trailer Children of the Wind

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