PWA Freestyle Worldtour 2013

2013brouw_3566_msThe 2013 PWA Freestyle Worldtour came to it’s end with the last event in Sylt. My best result this year was during the Windsurf Worlcup Sylt. I won a heat against Deivis Paternina in the first Single elimination which brought me up to the 17th place. The next heat was against Kiri, with him being the 2013 Worldchampion it was an honour to compete against him! My first heat in the Double was against the Danish freestyler Karl-Emil Magaard Bogh. There was so less wind, but after a resail I managed to win again! The last heat I sailed was against the german Adrian Beholz, He was way to strong and kicked my ass! Still i’m really happy with finishing on the 25th place!

1375831_10151893914401108_696817512_nI would like to thank my sponsors for supporting me the year around. Mystic Boarding for dressing me up, it was great to be promoting the gear and clothes! For the equipment I would like to thank Tabou, Avanti and Kater Funsports.

During the Annual General Meeting the PWA came up with some nice new locations. For 2014 we hope to have Bonaire back on the tour and welcome Lanzarote and Isla Margharita as the 2 new stops on tour! I’m really looking forward to it.

F13_fs_H322_0979-1000This weekend is the last freestyle competition for 2013, the Dutch Championships in Brouwersdam!

Thanks for everything!