Good vibes – Fuerteventura and Holland 2014

Good vibes is a freestyle windsurf video about my 6 week summer trip to Fuerteventura. The video also includes some footage from one of the sickest freestyle spots in Holland; Amstelmeer. A couple of days after this session I injured my foot, which kept me off the water till now. I’m in Austria at the moment where I will spend the winterseason again. I’ll be back on the water in spring!

Souvenirs =)

After all the traveling I -for some reason- still end up buying souvenirs. Just Sylt is missing in this collection from 2014 haha! 5 great destinations, time to head back to Austria, which has been my second home for the past 4 years=) Mayrhofen here we comeeee #mysticboarding #incontrol


PWA Sylt 2014

A lot of fun, action and hard work at the PWA Worldcup Sylt again! Unfortunately i wasn’t able to compete this year because of a foot injury after Fuerteventura about 2 months ago. Instead the PWA asked me to join their team, which i did with a lot of pleasure! Thanks everyone for another great 10 days at the island. See you next year! PWA World Tour WindsurfingMystic ‪#‎Mysticboarding‬ ‪#‎Incontrol‬ ‪#‎mauiultrafins‬ ‪#‎avantisails‬ ‪#‎tabouboards‬‪#‎katerfunsports

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PWA Freestyle Worldtour 2013

2013brouw_3566_msThe 2013 PWA Freestyle Worldtour came to it’s end with the last event in Sylt. My best result this year was during the Windsurf Worlcup Sylt. I won a heat against Deivis Paternina in the first Single elimination which brought me up to the 17th place. The next heat was against Kiri, with him being the 2013 Worldchampion it was an honour to compete against him! My first heat in the Double was against the Danish freestyler Karl-Emil Magaard Bogh. There was so less wind, but after a resail I managed to win again! The last heat I sailed was against the german Adrian Beholz, He was way to strong and kicked my ass! Still i’m really happy with finishing on the 25th place!

1375831_10151893914401108_696817512_nI would like to thank my sponsors for supporting me the year around. Mystic Boarding for dressing me up, it was great to be promoting the gear and clothes! For the equipment I would like to thank Tabou, Avanti and Kater Funsports.

During the Annual General Meeting the PWA came up with some nice new locations. For 2014 we hope to have Bonaire back on the tour and welcome Lanzarote and Isla Margharita as the 2 new stops on tour! I’m really looking forward to it.

F13_fs_H322_0979-1000This weekend is the last freestyle competition for 2013, the Dutch Championships in Brouwersdam!

Thanks for everything!

PWA Fuerteventura 2012

From the 28th of July until the 2nd of Augustus I’ve been on Fuerteventura to compete in my first PWA event! After trips to Jericoacoara and Bonaire i decided to request a Wildcard. Just a couple of days before the competition started i got an email from the PWA that I was able to compete, sooo..I left to Fuerte!

I booked the tickets, contacted some people for a place to stay and drove the next day to Weeze Airport in Germany, where my flight to Fuerte left. It’s crazy to leave in such a short time, but it felt as a big adventure! I was lucky that Arianne wanted to pick me up from the airport and together with 2 friends of her we drove to the event side where i dropped of my gear. From the first moment i already saw that is was going to be a great party for 2 weeks long. The PWA set up several big tents for equipement, entertainment and ofcourse the big parties!

After dropping the equipement i went looking for Rick Yendrusch and some other guys, beacause they allowed me to stay at their house for the upcoming weeks. Pretty cool because we had 2 crazy weeks together, Rick, Bart-jan, Ronald, Joost and i!

On the 24th we registered and the 25th the competition was suppose to start early, butt..very weird..Fuerte didn’t gave us the wind we expected until about 5 o’clock. I picked my 4,4 and sailed the heat against Brian Metcalf-Perez US-515. On days before the competition started i was able to do some nice stuff as Kono’s and Skopu’s in front of beach, but unluckely the chop was so hard to sail that I didn’t manage to do any of those moves in the heat. Brian sailed a really good heat and went throught to the 2nd round.

The next days were also without or just a little bit of wind, what made it possible to just start the Double on the fourth day. I was scheduled in the heat against Andy Lachauer from Germany, also a good sailer which managed to pull some nice move of in the heat! I did some moves as Airflaka, Kono, Funnel, a nice ss Kono and some more moves in the heat, but unfortunately Andy seem to be better and went throught to the 2nd round.

On the 5th day of the freestyle event they finished the Double and Gollito Estredo won the event just in front of Steven van Broeckhoven, who came back from the 5th position in the Singles. For me it was a great experience to be and compete at Fuerte, and i’ll keep on training to get use to the extreme conditions there! I’ll see everyone in Sylt hopefully!

Cheers! =)


Tabou Twister 2013

The new Tabou Twister 2013! I can’t wait to get home from Bonaire to ride this new board. Compared to the Twister from last year this one is Single Fin again and without the fish nose and tail =)

Photo: Tonky Frans

Premiére “Children of the Wind”


Tuesday June 26th we were invited as Jibecity Crew to the premiére of the new Windsurfing documentary “Children of the Wind”, held at the Divi Resort Bonaire. Around 7.30 pm we met everyone at the parking lot, nicely dressed up for the big night. All the children of the wind as Kiri Thode, Cheppie Gustowski, Choko Frans and Amado Vrieswijk were present!

Between 7.30 and 8pm the documentary got introduced by the 3 most important people; Elvis (Windsurfplace Bonaire) and the two directors. At exactly 8pm the movie started.

I experienced the movie as the best windsurf film/documentary i’ve ever seen in my life. The directors succeeded in telling an emotional, informative and touching story about the emergence of Windsurfing on Bonaire, the kids with their dreams to become Windsurfing World Champion, combined with the newest action from stars as Kiri Thode, Taty and Tonky Frans. Congratulations!

More information:

Watch: Trailer Children of the Wind

Good winds at Bonaire!

At the moment i’ve already been hanging out at Bonaire for about 2,5 months! The first month was not spectacular, almost no wind. Tried to go out some evenings with Dieter to try plaining with the Gaastra Pure 5,2, not always succesfull unfortunately! The last 1,5 month were way way way better! From the start of may up to now, Bonaire has shown his best side! An average of 20 knots, made me learn some new tricks which lukely have been captured by photographer Markus Seidel ( Check them out under Photos!